• Masport 42V Blower LB 4060 - Console Only

    MASPORT 42V Blower LB 4060


    Battery and charger not included.

    The Energy Flex® Blower is lightweight and simple to use. The powerful blower produces air speeds of up to 250 km per hour which can be controlled via a rotary wheel. The two interchangeable blower tubes supplied allow you to clear a focused or wide area easily and efficiently.

  • Sale! STIHL BG 56 Blower

    STIHL BG 56 Blower


    STIHL BG 56 Blower is a powerful and lightweight solution with an exceptional power-to-weight ratio. This blower is designed to quickly and efficiently clear leaves and grass cuttings from any…

  • BUSHRANGER BRV2701 Hand Held Blower-Vac-1

    BUSHRANGER BRV2701 Hand Held Blower-Vac


    BUSHRANGER BRV2701 Hand Held Blower-Vac — where power meets convenience. This lightweight and powerful tool redefines ease of operation, making yard work not just efficient but also enjoyable.

  • Sale! STIHL BG 86 BLOWER



    STIHL Pro Blower is your ultimate solution for efficiently clearing large areas of leaves and grass, even in extremely dusty environments, thanks to the innovative HD2 filter. Packed with features designed for convenience and performance, this blower is the go-to tool for professional and demanding tasks.

  • Sale! STIHL BG 86 C-E Blower

    STIHL BG 86 C-E Blower


    STIHL BG 86 C-E Blower is the professional’s choice for efficiently clearing large areas of leaves and grass. This powerful blower is equipped with cutting-edge features to enhance performance, ease…

  • SHINDAIWA Blower EB252

    SHINDAIWA Blower EB252


    The Shindaiwa EB250 has been designed to provide light weight, maneuverable power. Easy to use and versatile, it’s perfect for small clearance jobs yet also packs enough power for large scale, commercial work.

  • Bushranger Blower BRUBR341



    Hand held blower 30.1cc

  • HONDA HHB25 Blower

    HONDA HHB25 Blower

    • 630m3/h Air Volume
    • 252 km/h Wind Velocity
    • GX25cc 4-stroke Engine with low emissions & fuel consumption
    • Unique Anti-suction fan cover
    • 4 year domestic warranty 
  • SHINDAIWA EB262 Handheld Blower

    SHINDAIWA EB262 Handheld Blower


    Shindaiwa EB262 Handheld Blower is a lightweight yet formidable handheld blower designed to revolutionize the way professionals tackle outdoor tasks. Engineered for optimal performance, this best-in-class blower boasts a 25.4cc professional-grade engine that delivers an impressive output of 0.91kW, resulting in a maximum air speed of 76.7m/sec.