STIHL GHE 135 L Electric Garden Shredder


    STIHL GHE 135 L Roller Shredder is an efficient and quiet solution tailored for the average homeowner seeking reliable shredding performance. This garden shredder is equipped with a cutting roller optimized for tree and hedge cuttings up to 35 mm thick, driven by a powerful motor. Its user-friendly features make it an ideal choice for effortlessly managing garden waste.


    STIHL GHE 105 Shredder


    STIHL GHE 105 Electric Shredder is your go-to companion for medium-sized shredding tasks throughout the gardening year. Whether you’re dealing with woody tree or hedge cuttings, this garden shredder is expertly designed to handle a high proportion of wood with efficiency and ease.


    STIHL GHE 150 Shredder


    STIHL GHE 150 Shredder is the perfect blend of user-friendly design, exceptional performance, and effortless mobility. This electric shredder is your ultimate solution for transforming branches cut from hedges or trees into finely shredded chippings with remarkable speed and precision.


    STIHL GHE 250 Shredder


    STIHL GHE 250 S Garden Shredder is your trusted companion for efficient and effortless shredding of medium material quantities. Designed to excel in regular shredding tasks, this garden shredder boasts a powerful motor and innovative features, making it the go-to choice for branches up to 35 mm in thickness and mixed green cuttings.


    STIHL GHE 355 Shredder


    STIHL GHE 355 Garden Shredder is a robust and efficient solution crafted for regular use and shredding larger quantities of garden waste. Tailor-made to handle medium-sized branches up to 35 mm in diameter and mixed soft shredding material, this garden shredder boasts advanced features to simplify your shredding tasks.

  • Masport Chipper Shredder - 196cc (BIO2027)



    Get the best results with the Masport 196CC Chipper Shredder, featuring a robust design, efficient flail blade system, and large safe chute.

  • MASPORT Chipper 6hp

    MASPORT 6HP Chipper/Shredder


    …frame and large safe chute. The drive system is run by a V-Belt rather than a direct drive system. This design is more tolerant to impact and unnecessary overload on…

  • MASPORT 5hp Chipper Shredder

    MASPORT 5HP Chipper Shredder


    MASPORT 5HP Chipper Shredder is here to transform your garden maintenance experience. Say goodbye to bulky waste and hello to nutrient-rich compost for your garden!

  • COX Wood Chipper 6.5HP - 1

    COX Wood Chipper 6.5HP (CVC6B)


    COX Wood Chipper 6.5HP (CVC6B) transforms branches and prunings into nutrient-rich garden mulch promoting a cleaner and greener environment. By recycling your garden waste, you not only save on dump costs but also eliminate unneighbourly burn-offs.