• STIHL Carbon Fibre Extension Shaft - The Mower Supastore

    STIHL Carbon Fibre Extension Shaft


    STIHL Carbon Fibre Extension Shaft is designed for the STIHL KombiSystem and redefines efficiency and versatility in its field. Tailored for use with KM-HT and KM-HL KombiTools, this extension shaft provides an additional meter of reach, allowing you to conquer elevated tasks effortlessly.

  • STIHL FS-KM (Blade) Metal Blade Brushcutter - The Mower Supastore

    STIHL FS-KM (Blade) Metal Blade Brushcutter


    STIHL FS-KM (Blade) Metal Blade Brushcutter is a formidable addition to your KombiTool collection. This double-sided reversible steel slashing blade is designed to empower you to tackle the toughest grass and weeds effortlessly. Approved for use with all KombiEngines, this brushcutter attachment is your go-to tool for making light work of the most challenging tasks in your outdoor space.

  • STIHL BG-KM Blower - The Mower Supastore

    STIHL BG-KM Blower


    STIHL BG-KM Blower is a powerful and lightweight attachment designed to make quick work of clearing paths and surfaces from leaves, grass cuttings, or powdered snow. Elevate your cleaning tasks with the high blowing capacity and efficient performance of this versatile blower attachment.

  • STIHL FCB-KM Bent Shaft Edger - The Mower Supastore

    STIHL FCB-KM Bent Shaft Edger


    STIHL FCB-KM Bent Shaft Edger is the perfect solution for achieving immaculate lawn edges along paths and driveways with unparalleled accuracy. This lightweight and maneuverable edger redefines the way you approach lawn maintenance, delivering a clean and precise cut effortlessly.

  • STIHL HT-KM Pole Pruner - The Mower Supastore

    STIHL HT-KM Pole Pruner


    STIHL HT-KM Pole Pruner is a high-performance, long-reach attachment designed for commercial arboricultural applications. Elevate your pruning, trimming, and cutting tasks to new heights with the precision and efficiency of this versatile pole pruner.

  • STIHL FCS-KM Edge Trimmer - The Mower Supastore

    STIHL FCS-KM Edge Trimmer


    STIHL FCS-KM Edge Trimmer is a versatile straight-shaft edger attachment designed for precision in garden edging. This powerful addition to the STIHL KombiSystem ensures clean, defined edges that elevate the aesthetic of your outdoor space.

  • STIHL KM 56 RC-E - The Mower Supastore

    STIHL KM 56 RC-E KombiSystem Engine


    STIHL KM 56 RC-E KombiSystem Engine is your lightweight and versatile companion for a range of tasks around the house and garden. With the perfect blend of power, convenience, and safety features, this KombiEngine is designed to make your outdoor projects a breeze.

  • STIHL HL-KM Hedge Trimmer - The Mower Supastore

    STIHL HL-KM Hedge Trimmer


    STIHL HL-KM Hedge Trimmer is your dedicated companion for tackling demanding hedge work, whether you’re reaching for the skies or maneuvering close to the ground. Engineered for precision and efficiency, this hedge trimmer ensures a pristine finish in every application.

  • STIHL BF-KM Pick Tine - The Mower Supastore

    STIHL BF-KM Pick Tine


    STIHL BF-KM Pick Tine is your dedicated partner for efficient tilling in small areas and between established garden rows. Crafted with precision and powered by the reliable STIHL KombiSystem, this pick tine attachment is designed to redefine your gardening experience

STIHL KombiSystem is a versatile and efficient solution for tackling a wide range of garden tasks. Comprising a range of STIHL KombiEngines and STIHL KombiTool attachments, this system offers users the flexibility to switch between various tools to meet their specific needs. With three KombiEngines and fifteen KombiTool attachments available, the STIHL KombiTool system provides a comprehensive solution for garden maintenance.

The KombiEngines, including the KM 56 RC-E, KM 94 RC-E, and KM 131 R, serve as the powerhouses behind the KombiTool system. These engines are designed to deliver reliable and consistent power, ensuring optimal performance across a variety of tasks. With different engine options, users can choose the appropriate power output based on the scale and intensity of their garden projects.

The STIHL KombiTool attachments cover a wide range of garden tasks, offering exceptional versatility to users. These attachments include the rotary trimmer, brushcutter, edger, bed redefiner, sweepers, harvesters, blowers, pruners, and trimmers, among others. Whether you need to trim grass edges, clear away debris, prune trees, or redefine garden beds, the STIHL KombiTool attachments have you covered.

The advantages of the STIHL KombiTool system are evident in its convenience, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Instead of investing in separate power tools for each garden task, users can rely on the KombiTool attachments, which quickly and easily attach to the KombiEngines. This eliminates the need for multiple machines, saving both storage space and expenses.

Moreover, the quick-release coupling mechanism ensures that switching between different KombiTool attachments is a hassle-free process. Users can seamlessly transition from trimming grass to blowing leaves or pruning trees, increasing productivity and reducing downtime.

The STIHL KombiTool system's quality construction and engineering ensure durability and longevity. The attachments are designed to withstand the demands of professional use and provide consistent performance even in challenging conditions.

In conclusion, the STIHL KombiTool system, consisting of the range of KombiEngines and KombiTool attachments, offers a versatile and efficient solution for various garden tasks. With options such as the rotary trimmer, brushcutter, edger, bed redefiner, sweepers, harvesters, blowers, pruners, and trimmers, users can tackle a wide range of garden maintenance activities with ease. The convenience, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of the STIHL KombiTool system make it a popular choice for both homeowners and professionals looking for a reliable and comprehensive garden tool solution.